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Summer Adventures

Aspen vacation concierge

Reach New Heights

Summertime in Aspen

Nestled in the heart of the Rockies, Aspen offers a summer vacation that is on an entirely different level.

You may be thinking, “Wait, you can’t ski in the middle of the summer.” While Aspen is certainly synonymous with skiing, a summer trip to Aspen provides just as much enjoyment in a completely different manner. From exploring the mountainside to coasting the rivers, Aspen has everything you could want.

A Better Life Concierge knows all the locations in and around the area that take summer vacations to the next level. We’re constantly building connections, exploring scenery, and checking out the activities. Why? We want to be certain that your summer vacation to Aspen is full of fun, relaxation, and adventure.

For whatever Aspen summer adventures you have in mind, trust the team that lives and breathes Aspen – A Better Life Concierge.

Fly Fishing

fly fishing in Aspen

Make the Catch of a Lifetime

Cast out the line and wait for the bite! Home to some of the better fly-fishing spots in the country, visitors from coast to coast trek to Aspen to test out the rivers and tributaries.

Just miles from the heart of Aspen are numerous creeks that flow downstream from their tributaries in the Elk Mountains. These waters provide pristine spots to catch various breeds of fish.

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Twist and Turn on the Rapids

If you are looking for a thrill-seeking, heart-pounding adventure, you have to schedule a day for whitewater rafting in Aspen.

Riding the currents that flow down the mountains is exhilarating and makes for an unforgettable family experience. The best part? You don’t have to do any preparation.

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Whitewater Rafting

whitewater rafting in Aspen

Bike Tours

Aspen, CO Bike Tours

Pedal at Your Own Pace

What easier way to take in all the sites and sounds of Aspen’s nearby peaks than with a bike tour? Aspen’s scenic terrain is one of many reasons visitors flock to the area, and biking it gives you a newfound appreciation for the sheer magnitude of the land.

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Settle in the Saddle

Adventure into the peaceful countryside that surrounds Aspen by scheduling a horseback riding tour. 

Whether you have never hopped on a horse before or are an equestrian enthusiast, an Aspen horseback ride offers a unique, breathtaking experience.

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Horseback Riding

horseback riding adventure in Aspen

Guided Hikes, Camping, and Climbing 

hiking in Aspen, CO

Make the Great Outdoors Your Playground

Whether you are hoping for a quick guided trip, a more intensive overnight camping excursion, or a rock climbing adventure, we’ll help plan an unforgettable expedition.

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Glide Across Serene Waters

If you are looking for new ways to adventure, you have to try paddle boarding. In what seems to have sprung in popularity over the last decade, paddle boarding gets you on the water, tests your balance, and gives you a terrific workout.

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Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding - SUP in Aspen, CO

ATV Rentals

UTV - 4 Wheelers in Aspen

Go Off Road

If you want to get out and get dirty, ATV rental in Aspen is for you.

With various trails that take you through the backcountry and around the mountains, you are sure to enjoy the thrill of off-roading, either in a 2-person or 4-person rental based on your preference.

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Take Flight

If you want to see Aspen and the mountainous landscape from a different perspective, get up in the air! From skydiving to paragliding, from hot air balloon rides to helicopter tours, you have plenty of options to fly in the sky.

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Aerial Activities

Aspen adventures

Golf and Tennis

golf and tennis in Aspen

Drive or Chip. Serve or Volley. 

If you are looking to spend some recreational time on the course or on the court, Aspen is just the place to do it.  Counter your adventures in the mountains with a relaxing half day playing with family and friends. You won’t beat the backdrops, that’s for sure.

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