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Property Management

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Your Home Away from Home



If you own a second home and do not live in it year-round, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the cleaning and upkeep that goes into general home maintenance. It can become just as much work to hire multiple companies to tackle yard work, indoor cleaning, monitoring the property, mail services, and much more.

With A Better Life Concierge, your property management comes together under one roof. We can manage your property while you are away, with frequent check-ins to make sure your home looks its best. Furthermore, we can help you generate additional income on your property with a rental program. In our hands, it is as if you never left your home at all. We care for your property as if it was our own.

Even better, when you are ready to come back to your home, we will have it ready for you. We will stock your fridge with your favorite food and drinks, we will have fresh linens on all your beds, and we can even fire up your hot tub for you to enjoy upon arrival. Step into the comforts of home, all waiting for you to enjoy.



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Owning a second home can be a lot of work. After awhile, you may think that there has to be a better way to manage your home, but also truly relax and enjoy it when you are on vacation. You may also want to rent out your property while you are away but don't want to deal with the time and hassle of the rental process.

Don’t waste precious vacation time running errands or handling issues with the house. With A Better Life Concierge on your side, we promise to deliver just that – a better life while you are on vacation. Enjoy your second home the way you are meant to enjoy it, without headaches or chores!

Our full suite of concierge services can facilitate property management when you are away, and can make your home ready for your arrival when you come in town. We can handle the smallest errands and tasks, or take on a larger role in keeping your home up and running. Together, we can find a service plan that works for your home.

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Property Repairs

property repairs in Aspen

Make Your Home Feel Like New

There’s nothing better than owning a home in Aspen – that is, until something goes wrong. When you are away from your home, there is always a worry about the weather, if a pipe has burst, if a branch has fallen on your roof, and more. The list of worries are endless!

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Checking Up, Checking In

As we all know, routine maintenance of our homes is essential to keeping major problems at bay. In a vacation home, it can be easy to let the regular, preventative check-ins go to the wayside. Leave it to us.

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Preventative Maintenance

handyman services in Aspen, CO

Property Reviews

property assessment in Aspen

Keep a Watchful Eye

Keeping an eye on your home can be difficult when you do not live in the area year-round. Since our staff is in Aspen through every season, you can be sure that your home is being supervised with regular check-ins through the year.

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Feel Right at Home

Hooray! You’re coming back to Aspen. We know what a special getaway this town is, and we want your time here to be fun and stress-free, from start to finish.

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Home Preparation

home preparation in Aspen

Home Closure

home closure in Aspen

Leave Town with Confidence

Have you ever left your home and had a flurry of questions come to mind? Did we lock the house? Close the garage? Unplug the toaster? Our post-departure closure package is made for a departure that is as easy as your arrival.

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Hire Helping Hands

A Better Life Concierge can help you find the right staff members to keep your home running and your life easy. Some of the most common staffing requests we receive are those seeking an estate manager, butler, or housekeeper to keep the home clean and running regularly.

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Home Staffing

home staffing in Aspen, CO

Home Organization

Home organization help in Aspen

Get Organized

Nothing can dampen the fun of your visit like a cluttered home. With hired help for home organization, you can find things easily and enjoy the satisfaction of a clean house.

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Stay Ahead of Mail and Bills

Even if you are not in Aspen, mail and bills will still pile up in your absence! Stay on top of your mail and keep paying your bills with the help of our management service.

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Mail Management / Bill Payment

Aspen home management

Vehicle Maintenance

vehicle maintenance in Aspen

Maintain and Repair Your Ride

To stay in their best shape, your vehicles need to be used regularly, taken in for maintenance, and tested with any issues that come up. When you are not in town, we can step in and make sure all your vehicles are running correctly and are ready for your arrival.

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