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What is the Los Angeles lifestyle all about? With gorgeous weather and unbeatable scenery, the L.A. scene thrives on healthy, vibrant living. From trendy juice bars to fresh meals to hot yoga, most L.A. locals put health and wellness at the top of their to-do lists. Unfortunately, those lists also include other tedious tasks like managing bills, doing laundry, scheduling appointments. Don’t let the grind of everyday tasks take away from your vibrant L.A. lifestyle. It’s time to re-center yourself and focus on health, wellness, and happiness – all the best parts of L.A. living.

Get back to living your best L.A. life with the help of A Better Life Concierge. With our lifestyle management services, your chores are handled, your kids and pets are cared for, and your appointments are scheduled. Sound like paradise? It's pretty close. Curious about what our L.A. concierges can manage to help you live a better life? View our full list of services below and let us know how we can create personalized lifestyle assistance just for you. 

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Errand Services

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Leave Errands to Us

When you are surrounded by beautiful Aspen, who would want to waste time at the grocery store? That’s right. No one.

Our staff takes your to-do list and makes it our own. Want to have your pantry stocked? Need a gift for a friend? Or do you just need someone to pick up your dry cleaning? We can handle it.

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Relax and Rejuvenate

L.A. is known for its healthy lifestyle and is home to world-class spas, so what better place to nurture your mind and body? Whether you're treating yourself for a special occasion or just need to melt away stress, let us book your next spa getaway. It's time to recharge your life and invest in your health and wellness. 

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Wellness and Relaxation

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Private Transportation

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Make an Entrance

Getting around L.A. has never been easier than it is with our private transportation service. Whether you're leaving the city or coming back home, we can book the right transportation for you. Travel in style - and kiss the headache of navigating L.A. traffic goodbye. 

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Plan the Perfect Party

Los Angeles sets the scene for events of all shapes and sizes - from weddings to business luncheons and birthday parties to work retreats. No matter what kind of event you're planning, we know how to throw a party - L.A. style. Let us help you throw your next celeb-worthy event. 

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Event Planning

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