Home Closure

Home Closure

Leave Town with Confidence


Have you ever left your home, only to have a flurry of questions come to mind? Did you lock the house? Close the garage? Relax. Our post-departure closure package is made for a departure that's as easy as your arrival. Simply pack your bags and head out - we'll handle the rest.



Post-Departure Home Closure in Park City


Our home closure service includes stripping beds, washing linens, doing dishes, taking out the trash, and getting your home back into perfect condition. We clean up and lock up for you, making it just as simple as if you were staying in a hotel.

Need a little something extra when you head out of the city? Our concierge services are fully customizable to your needs. We can work together and create a home closure to-do list that's handled every time you leave your San Francisco home.

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